Diversify project: Uncover biases, discover what binds us

The Diversify project aimed at creating engagement and awareness for the diverse culture of the Erasmus University Rotterdam through a video campaign. The idea: Create an interactive conversation on how we all put people into boxes based on first impressions and assumptions. At the same time, there is more that brings us together than divides us. Through a social experiment, our Unboxing concept made this visible – a powerful experience for the involved students and a great conversation starter.




One of the participating students described it like this:

Often you feel like your situation is unique and you´re the only one. But then, surprisingly enough, you see that a lot of people answer the same thing and go through the same processes of stuff that you do personally and that´s pretty surprising to me.

Through a Facebook campaign we carried the conversation beyond the university context. The final video gathered over 10.000 clicks in just one month. Learn more about the concept here (PDF) and try it yourself in your organization!