The projects that we work on vary in scale, topic and region. Based on the social issue in question we use our academic expertise to gain and deliver new and relevant insights. Below you can find a selection of projects. To see other activity and smaller projects, you can visit our Catalyst News.

General Electric

“B2B companies in certain industries – oil & gas, utilities, manufacturing, construction…struggle to engage their audiences with social media. This is especially true as these industries are dominated by generations who have not grown up in the age of Facebook and Twitter. Catalyst Lab brilliantly helps bridge the gap between those who already view such new media as traditional and those who are still coping with what they see as new digital communication”

Shaun Wiggins
Executive Lead Global Public Relations at GE Power & Water
New York, USA

Dutch Brewers Association

“In a short time, mining many out-of-the-box ideas on how to use new media in public engagement, combined with high involvement of students and the power to implement fast: that is what makes the Catalyst Lab unique. I started to wonder why we haven’t done this earlier.”

Cees-Jan Adema
Director of the Dutch Brewers Association

IESA-Art Review London

“Catalyst is enabling IESA to pioneer online learning in an exciting and innovative way, by communicating and engaging with a global community of art professionals”

Adriana Turpin
UK Director of the Institut Des Etudes Superieurs Des Arts (IESA)
London, UK


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