Social media campaign to raise funds for South African children

Our team member, Professor Vidhi Chaudhri launched a social media campaign in class with the students to raise funds for a non-profit in Africa. A student perspective on this initiative:

“Our first lecture of “Social Media Campaigns” started in a surprising way: Instead of a presentation, pr12249666_1646622675620141_4268075481415046343_nofessor Vidhi Chaudhri brought a bulk of colorful paper strips, small chocolates (sadly, not for us to eat), and stickers in the shape of cars into the classroom. Surrounded by piles of those items, she gave us a challenging task: Using the various objects, we were to come up with and execute a strategy to mobilize funds for a project to educate underprivileged children at ‘The Farm’ in South Africa. Marian Lefeber, ESHCC staff member, had made a call for contributions, her goal was to raise 1500 euros to provide school uniforms for 42 children. In less than an hour, we as a group were to raise as many funds in contribution as possible on campus.

We immediately began working on creative strategies and implementations. Each of the four groups chose a different approach. Among the executions were a fun, meme-like poster, ideas employing emotional storytelling and an offline crowdsourcing campaign (buying a car-shaped sticker for a few euros, participants could pave the‪#‎RoadtoSchool‬ for the children). We also experimented with different rewards (chocolates, stickers as well as wristbands), various audiences (food court or lecture halls?) and resource allocation (staying together as a team or splitting up?).

For us, this was already a brief insight in the world of social (media) campaigning. You can see some principles of social media marketing at work in our offline efforts: Memes, storytelling, crowdsourcing, and (of course!) hashtags. On this small scale, we experienced processes, challenges and, most important of all, success: In only one hour, we managed to raise more than €220. Marian Lefeber, who will 12308730_1646622558953486_4759439971837823581_nreport on the progress of the project soon, was quite happy when we handed our small, but meaningful contribution to her in class on November 17. As thanks, she brought also brought in chocolates. This time for us to enjoy.”

Proud of our team member Professor Vidhi Chaudhri on efforts at integrating classroom teaching with real world impact!